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Frequently Asked Questions

In an era defined by exponential growth of online content, digital files, and sellers among a vast array of websites and designers, Makerz Hive stands out as a dedicated platform catering to makerz and buyers alike, offering a superior, centralized searching experience. With the demand for high-quality content on the rise, there is a clear need for a centralized hub where makerz can efficiently market their content and buyers can easily discover ideal designs. Makerz Hive is committed to fulfilling this need by providing user-friendly content filtering, connecting shoppers with makerz, and fostering mutual growth. Our vision is to be the premier destination where makerz of all walks of life shop, sell, share, connect, and inspire.

Makerz Hive brings several key values to you as a maker:

  • Centralized Platform: Makerz Hive serves as a centralized hub for makerz to market their content. Instead of scattering your work across multiple platforms, you can showcase your products and designs in one place, increasing visibility and accessibility for potential buyers.
  • Efficient Marketing: With Makerz Hive’s user-friendly interface and content filtering options, you can efficiently market to the right audience. This targeted approach saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on creating quality products.
  • Increased Exposure: By being part of Makerz Hive’s platform, your designs are exposed to a diverse range of buyers actively seeking high-quality content. This exposure can lead to more sales opportunities and broader recognition for your work.
  • Connection with Buyers: Makerz Hive facilitates connections between makerz and buyers, creating opportunities for engagement and feedback. This direct interaction can help you better understand customer preferences and tailor your future products to meet market demands.
  • Mutual Growth: As Makerz Hive grows, so do you. By contributing to and benefiting from Makerz Hive’s community of creators and buyers, you become part of a dynamic ecosystem that fosters mutual growth and innovation.

To introduce our platform, all file designers can create a free account and list up to 5 items. Listings can be organized by category, genre, occasion, style, and color. Upon request, we will consider additional filter options and categories to enhance the browsing experience. Listings are displayed in random order to ensure all designers have an equal opportunity to be seen.

Unlike larger platforms, we will never charge new listing fees, and listings never expire. Detailed statistics on traffic information for all listings are available in your account.

Each listing page features linked designer profiles, offering shoppers the convenience of accessing comprehensive information about the maker. These profiles enable visitors to explore the maker’s background, visit their website and social media links, share reviews, bookmark favorite listings, and engage in direct communication.

At Makerz Hive our operational model diverges from traditional marketplaces in that we do not directly facilitate financial transactions between shoppers and sellers. Instead, we operate as a directory, actively promoting our makerz on their behalf. Our platform offers a flexible embedding option, allowing makerz to incorporate any URL of their choice. Whether directing users to their personal website pages or leveraging third-party platforms such as PayHip to generate payment links for streamlined checkout processes, designers retain full autonomy over how they list and market their creations. This approach ensures that designers receive direct payment without any commission being deducted by our platform.

We have partnered with PayHip as an option to enable shoppers to quickly and securely pay makerz directly, receiving their digital download or notifying you of a purchase of a physical product immediately. Learn More…

We prioritize the quality and creativity of our makerz’ work over price competition. By not displaying and using price filters, we allow makerz to focus on creating high-quality products or designs without the pressure of undercutting prices. This approach allows customers to explore a wide range of listings based on their merits and uniqueness, rather than solely on what is cheapest. That said, makerz are free to include price information in the listing page and are encouraged to do so. 

Makerz on our platform receive a personalized profile page, prominently linked to every listing they create. This profile page allows makerz to showcase their work and professionalism by including links to their website, social media profiles, and email address. Additionally, makerz can provide a brief description of their business, helping them connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

For added convenience, makerz can access traffic insights directly from their account, allowing them to track the performance of their listings and make informed decisions to improve visibility and sales.

Shoppers visiting our platform can easily communicate with makerz by messaging them directly through their profile. They also have the ability to favorite listings, saving them for future reference, and submit reviews based on their experience, creating a dynamic and interactive experience for both makerz and shoppers alike.

All images (including your profile image) should be formatted in a 1:1 ratio (square). Canva is recommended as a valuable resource for creating listing images.

While art is subjective, we strive for inclusivity. However, as detailed in our terms, listings must not be hateful, discriminatory, pornographic, derogatory, or promote violence. Beyond these guidelines, we aim for Makerz Hive to evolve into a diverse and inclusive community, offering a wide variety of  genres, formats, and topics to inspire both shoppers and fellow makerz alike.

We are dedicated to allocating a minimum of 20% of our package revenue towards targeted marketing campaigns across several platforms. As our community expands, our marketing budget will increase proportionately, ensuring mutual growth. With each new maker and listing, Makerz Hive’s SEO presence expands, bolstering our visibility. Increased linking of listing pages by both makerz and shoppers directing consumers to Makerz Hive further enhances our brand awareness. While we acknowledge that as a startup, we may not yet possess the dominance of other platforms, we believe in our significant potential for exponential growth through persistent effort and diligence.

Makerz Hive takes copyright infringement very seriously and is committed to addressing any valid Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaints promptly. If we receive a DMCA complaint, or any other formal complaint, regarding content on our site via the report listing feature, we will promptly investigate the issue and, if necessary, remove the infringing material. We will also notify the maker who posted the material and provide them with an opportunity to respond. Repeat offenders may have their accounts suspended or terminated. We encourage all users to respect the intellectual property rights of others and to only upload content that they have the right to distribute.

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