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Tapered Ball Nose CNC Bit Set HCT

Tapered Ball Nose CNC Bit Set HCT

The HCT Tapered Ball Nose Bit Set! It’s the perfect set for all 2.5/3D carves!

All HCT bit sets are discounted 10% from individual price!

The TBN Set includes all 4 of our current TBN Bits, including:

1/8″ 3-Flute 1° Side Angle Tapered Ball Nose (TBN) – Near-vertical side angle!
1/8″ 4-Flute Tapered Ball Nose (TBN)
1/16″ 3-Flute Tapered Ball Nose (TBN) – Fine detail
1/32″ 2-Flute Tapered Ball Nose (TBN) – Ultra-fine detail

All HCT bits are designed for cutting wood, non-ferrous metal (aluminum/brass/soft metals), and synthetic/plastic-based materials like epoxy and sheet plastics. Bit performance varies with machine type, feeds/speeds set, and the stock material.

Our CNC bits are made from solid Japanese carbide.

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