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PayHip Payment Integration

Why PayHip?

Unlike traditional marketplaces burdened by complex and costly regulations, we operate as a dynamic directory to improve our designer’s visibility, reach, and sales without imposing costly commission fees. We have achieved this through a partnership with PayHip, enabling shoppers to directly pay our makerz while enjoying immediate access to their digital downloads or notifying our makerz of a new order on physical inventory, free from intermediary complications.

Following comprehensive research and rigorous testing, PayHip emerged as the optimal choice due to its expedient setup, robust analytics, seamless integration of purchase links into Makerz Hive’s listing editor, and cost-effectiveness compared against other similar platforms. While makerz have the flexibility to utilize any purchase link, such as their own website, PayHip stands out as an excellent starting point for those without existing selling platforms.

Getting Started:

Setup your PayHip as shown in the video below, it only takes a few minutes. Once a listing is created, simply copy the share link and paste it into your purchase URL on Makerz Hive’s listing editor. That’s it! You’re now set up to be paid directly from those that found you using our website!

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